It's old school my friends!

All of my designs are created on a 4' x 8' chalk board on the floor of my shop. I go in with a piece of chalk and kneel down and just start drawing. A design may be better as a clock so I go with that then.  I also sketch at night while listening to my music. 1000's of my designs are hanging from one country to another. I have 1000's more inside my head that want to be created.

If you choose one of my designs, you'll receive the best quality of hand crafted works done in the old fashioned way. Art that will last a lifetime!


Basic process


  • tracing final sketch to the 18 guage sheet of steel
  • plasma cut and band saw cutting of the shapes
  • metal shapes go to the grinding wheel
  • shapes are placed and marked for drilling and welding
  • design is assembled with separation of the layers
  • design then disassembled and prepped for painting
  • shapes are washed and primed
  • next is the textured coat followed by final paint scheme
  • reassembled and shipped or packed for next art show